You wouldn't start to build your Dream Home without first hiring an architect. Your Dream App requires a similar design and planning process.

It all starts by "Shaping-up" your idea...

We use a proven method to shape your ideas into reality. The "Shape Up" process was first pioneered by Basecamp, makers of the popular online project management software that now boasts 3.5M+ user accounts. This process provides a solid blueprint to build big with small teams. You can learn more about the process from the Basecamp website.

What's Included

Clear App Roadmap

Have a clear roadmap for your app project that puts you, the founder, in the driver's seat. 

Shaped Projects

Each feature will be "shaped" into a unique document outlining the problem, solution, rabbit holes, and areas that are out-of-bounds.

Estimated Costs

We'll provide an estimated cost and timeline for your application to be designed and built. 

Developer-Ready Blueprints

Developers will build what you ask, so we make sure your project requirements outline the desired functionality.

Notion Project

We'll organize and deliver your project blueprints in an editable Notion Project. 

Fat Marker Mockups

Start to see your app take shape with rough mockups to illustrate the desired user experience.

Bruce van Zyl

Your Virtual CTO
Co-Founder & President of Inovo Studios
As a self-starter who doesn’t ask permission to be innovative, Bruce knows experience is only gained by getting your hands dirty and doing. At 21, Bruce started his first business with the mission to build creative solutions for business problems. He’s focused on reducing unnecessary complexity to create the best possible process and result. Over the years he has brought his skill set to great brands like The Coca-Cola Company, Fujitsu, Chick-fil-a Leadercast, Georgia Tech, Catalyst Leader, and Potter's House. Today, his mission is to help business owners build systems that  accelerate and scale their vision.

Our team has built tech solutions for...

What's Included:

  • ​Clear App Roadmap
  • ​Shaped-Up projects
  • Editable Notion project
  • ​Estimates for cost / timeline
  • ​Fat marker mockups
  • ​Developer-ready blueprints
  • ​Entire fee credited towards your first development project.


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See what other's are saying...

Ed Z. Owner of Tech Startup
Copywriting & Sales Page
To the point, knowledgeable and insightful are ways I would describe Bruce and his team. They helped me with a landing page design and Facebook Ads but their insight and tips were also very valuable.
  • I would hire again!
Debbie T. Child / Adult Care Business Owner
Website Updates / Marketing
"Bruce and his team at Inovo helped give our brand and website new life....The process was smooth and I would recommend this team for anyone looking to launch or relaunch their business online."
  • I would hire again!
John G. Owner of Patriot Doors
Website Updates / Coaching
"Bruce was awesome!"
  • I would hire again!
Lindsay S. Author & Ghost Writer 
Business Coaching
"Bruce has a unique ability to cut through the clutter. As a creative I have many ideas popping on all cylinders at all times and that can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and confused. Bruce can listen and give super valuable insight in a matter of moments, which is quite an unusual gift. It's like he understands the creative brain and helps to guide it instead of getting frustrated by it. I highly recommend him for all endeavors that have to do with creativity and business."
  • I would hire again!
Christina K. E-Commerce Store Owner
Marketing Coaching
Our calls are great because they are targeted. You get to jump right in to where you are “stuck” in your process to figure things out. You save so much time with the help from Bruce and his team. I had several different issues, like email configurations, optimizing Facebook ads and figuring out next steps. We covered all of that in one hour call!
  • I would hire again!
Callie M. Director of Growth at Lasting
Google Ads Coaching
"Lindsay and Bruce were incredibly responsive and thorough, and the communication was incredible - from the pitch to the meetings to the follow-ups. They have such a great balance of creative and technical skills. I was most impressed with the way they listened and offered solutions to the exact problems I needed to be solved."
  • I would hire again!
Grace G. Marketing Director
Website Improvements
Bruce is great! He and his team go above and beyond to find solutions and make ideas happen. They're always thinking about their client and what's best for them.
  • I would hire again!

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